• Field Notes Field Notes can be attached to a captured Snapshot in Live-View or added as a note. They can also be added in U-View and stays with the data.
  • High Frequency Transients Use ruler function to measure high frequency (2MSample) and/or the low frequency data.
  • ITIC Standard ITIC graph is available with the ability to annotate events.
  • Logs: DC Voltage Wireless DC voltage trending graphs can be plotted with DC current or DCx Data.
  • Logs: Frequency
  • Logs: Harmonics w/ Annotations Harmonics are logged to the 32nd. (Down to 10 second interval)
  • Logs: Irms w/ Annotation
  • Logs: KVA Power logging can show the power fluctuations during testing.
  • Logs: KW KW logs can show long duration tests easily. These graphs have a Min/Max/Avg per channel 7 channels total. (Ph-Ph, Ph-Gnd, Single Phase)
  • Logs: KwHrs Calculate power demand and usage from the KW hours graphs.
  • Logs: Phase Angle The logging of phase angle can show changes in loads. This is done on all channels.
  • Logs: Power Factor
  • Logs: THD % with Annotation Total harmonic distortion is calculated on phase to ground, phase to phase and current. No setup needed.
  • Logs: Vrms RMS voltage logs are calculated on Phase-Phase, Phase-Ground, Phase-Neutral and Neural-Ground.
  • Logs: Vrms with Annotation Annotations are quick to mark and editable. Available in all graphs.
  • Field Notes
  • High Frequency Transients
  • ITIC
  • Logs: DC Voltage
  • Logs: Frequency
  • Logs: Harmonics w/ Annotations
  • Logs: Irms w/ Annotation
  • Logs: KVA
  • Logs: KW
  • Logs: KwHrs
  • Logs: Phase Angle
  • Logs: Power Factor
  • Logs: THD %  with Annotation
  • Logs: Vrms
  • Logs: Vrms with Annotation



Software used to interpret power monitors log files. Also used to print graphical representations of the data as well as exporting to spreadsheets.

It has always been and will contiune to be free of charge.


Try it your self, download the package and the sample data set on the links section.

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U-View - (Previous Versions)



Release Notes:

Release Notes.doc

  • Features
  • Trending
  • Waveforms
  • Snap Shots
  • High Frequency Transient

Global options and features of U-View:

  • Export to .png file directly from screen, either to clipboard or save as.
  • Export to xls or csv file.
  • Export to raw text data files.
  • Switch between global Delta/Wye calculations with one click.
  • ITIC plotting of transients and waveforms.
  • Annotations to mark important points.
  • One click global zoom settings for time.
  • Vertical zoom settings can be stored in a list to be quickly recalled.
  • Vertical and horizontal rulers.

Trending types and channels.

RMS Voltage / Current:

  • 10 Voltage Channels Ph-Ph, Ph-G, Ph-N & N-G
  • 5 Current Channels { L1, L2, L3, N & G}
  • 1 Residual Current {L1+L2+L3+N} 
  • RMS Voltage Imbalance


  • 3 Voltage {L1-G, L2-G, L3-G}


  • Wireless DC Voltage +/- 0-600V AutoRanging
  • Wireless DCx Voltage {10Ch - 60dc}
  • Wireless DC Current {2,000A, 4,000A}
  • Wireless Temperature / Humidity
  • Wired Temperature / Humidity


  • 10 Seconds to 30 Minutes 

3 Phase Delta & 3 Phase Wye - Split Phase - Single Pole Single Phase &Single Phase (2 Pole)

  • {Min/Max/Average} Apparent Power(KVA), Real  power (KW), Reactive (KVAR), Power Factor (PF), Total KVA, Total KW, Total KVAR, Total PF, Total KVAH, Total KWH, Total KVARH,Total Demand (KVA) and Total Demand (KW)


  • 3 Ph-Ph, 3 Ph-G & 3 Current channels to the 31st.


  • 3 Ph-Ph, 3 Ph-G & 3 Current{Odd, Even, Total & Max}

Phase Angle: 

  • 3 Ph-Ph, 3 Ph-G 

Symmetrical Components: 

  • Voltage & Current : Magnitude, Angle & Imbalance


Waveforms can be captures from voltage triggers, current triggers or manually. They can last between 3 cycles and 2 minutes. U-View can calculate power numbers directly from these including.

  • RMS Voltage (10 Channels)
  • RMS Current (5 Channels)
  • RMS Deviation (15 Channels) - This calculates the change in RMS from the first three cycles over the entire waveforms capture.
  • Voltage & Frequency - Calculate voltage vs frequency graph for generator recovery timing.
  • Power - Includes, KVA, KW, KVAR, PF, Total KVA, Total KW, Total KVAR and Total PF.

Snapshots are waveform events that can be time triggered or manually triggered through Live-View. 

  • 10 Voltage and 6 current waveforms.
  • Field Notes directly on page of associated event.
  • Power numbers calculated from waveforms
  • Symmetrical Components calculated and displayed.
  • Harmonics to the 63rd.


High frequency transient capture at a 2 Megasample / second rate. The configurable interface can show Voltage waveforms with the following options.

  • Current, enabled, disabled or invert
  • Sine wave enable or disabled (Overlays of a perfect sine wave for easy detection of imperfections)
  • High frequency enable disable or automatic. (HF is in microseconds, sometimes event out of this time domain)
  • Sort by Voltage peak, duration, avg or shape peak.